Infrared CGI | Multipurpose CG Imagery brand.


We create beautiful images, full of emotions, that tell stories. Your stories.

We are dedicated to show your project in a unique form, with artistic approach, to surprise the audience with uniqueness.

Tell us your story and make it beautiful with us.

Still images

Still images are perfect solution for visual communication.
Thanks to our unique visual style we can change your project into art.
Storytelling in visualizations connects people and architecture.

Product Visualizations

Good advertisement depends on good visuals of products.
When visualizing products, imagination is the only limit. Everything is possible.
Unique interior arrangements will help your product to stand out from others and will attract customers.


Animations are another level of storytelling. 
Putting your project into motion will show its true form. 
Cinematic shots and emotional storyboards will show your idea in brand new way.

Motionstill animations

Motionstill animations are very effective solutions for presenting projects in unique way.
By mixing still images with animated elements we can create breathtaking visual form of any project.
Motionstills give an advantage over still images by mixing quality of still image with elements in motion.